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WriteRabbit Translation & Text

About WriteRabbit Translation & Text

In Chinese mythology, the white rabbit is an auspicious animal, as it is considered to be a lucky, intelligent and inquisitive creature. I was born in the year of the (water) rabbit. I am a writer, a freelance journalist, a translator, and an editor. As a sinologist who grew up for the most part in the Far East, it seemed appropriate to name my translation and text service after this cuddly bunny. With a slight spelling twist, of course…

Translating – Editing – Writing

I am the author of several books in both English and Dutch, and I trained as a freelance journalist. I lived in eight different countries in various parts of the world, worked in different industries, and have a broad scope of knowledge and many interests. With this background, I offer my services as a translator (Dutch-English), with literature as my specialty. I can also write -and edit- your English texts on a broad range of subjects, whether it is a commercial text, a company profile, a press release, an article, or even a speech. And all at a favourable price. Should you be interested, feel free to contact me email for more information.